Thursday, October 29, 2009

Family Gathering for Bitner's Blessing Part I

Ryan's family came down to Clovis from Logan UT @ the beginning of October.

We had fun playing games and catching up.

Anita, D'mar & Keedan singing.

Keedan rock'n out on the drums & D'mar trying to get his autograph.

D'mar & Keedan chowing on some doghnuts.

and more doghnuts.

Later we left Clovis to go up to Trinidad, CO to Sabrina's house (Ryan's sister) to attend a baby blessing for her new beautiful baby Bitner.

Uncle Ryan & Baby Bitner.

Ryan's mom (Nana) and Baby Bitner.

Monkey's jumping on the bed.

Keedan taking in his surroundings.

"C'mon let's go pick some apples".

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Disney's Magic Kingdom

This place is definitely full of magic!

Ryan and Keedan on the magical ferry boat.

I loved how festive they got with decorations.

Cute Scarecrow Pumpkin Baseball Player.

Mickey Pumpkin.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This ride is more of my (Amanda) style. NOt toooo scary and has plenty of weeeeeeeee.

Country Bear Jamboree

We took Keedan and Jonas here while Jen and Patrick rode some rides. It was a very cute show that captured the boy's attention for almost the entire time.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor

This was a super cute and funny live show.

Pirates of the Carribean

This was a scenic ride through the world of "Pirates of the Carribean" The details are phenominal.

Splash Mountain

We were impressed at how long this ride was. It was definitely fun!

The Enchanted Tiki Room

This was a cute litte show with birds from various Disney movies.

The Haunted Mansion

This was a cool ride through a haunted mansion. Keedan didn't like as much as we did.

We had a fun-filled day and came back at nightime to watch the light parade.

Finding a place to watch the parade was a bit of a challenge, but we luckily found the perfect spot.

It was such an awesome parade...Disney does it UP UP and UP!

Us "exhausted" Malnar's after the light parade and fireworks.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keedan's New Bed

I just couldn't resist putting Keedan's new bed together today. We still need to finish his ceiling and paint the walls, but the bed is so small it can be moved easily through the door.

Keedan was soooo excited when I showed him the bed after he awoke from his nap today.

Once his bedding was washed

he enjoyed playing peek-a-boo

and jumping on the bed like a monkey.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Disney's Epcot

This park was most definitely the biggest. We didn't get to everything we wanted to.

There is always next time...right?

Spaceship Earth

I always thought that this big ball like looking thing was just for decor...but it is actually a ride for everyone.

Mission Space

This was a neat ride. There were four seats in the ride and each seat area had different buttons to push during the ride. It was like you were virtually driving a spacecraft.

Playing a 3-D anatomy game.

Keedan enjoying some fun in the sun and water.

Oh how it would be so much fun to be little again.

Test Track

Ryan and I loved this one. So much that we rode it twice.

The Seas With Nemo and Friends

This was a cute little ride that showcased the movie as we journeyed through underwater scenery.

Honey I Shrunk the Audience

Honestly, this show was a waste of our time.

Keedan playing with velcro frogs and their accessories. I've forgotten the name of the place but it was a fun place for little ones. We also played an interactive game that taught about fire safety.


This was very relaxing and was a great way to end our day of rides.

World Showcase
We only made it to two different countries at the World Showcase. Mexico and Norway.

Mexico Pavillion I

Inside they had really nice authentic looking Mexican village. There was also a boat ride that Keedan just loved.

Keedan playing with the caraca's

Awww, so cute in a sombraro!

Norway Pavillion

Here we rode another boat ride and then proceeded to watch a 5 minute film that was a bit weird in the way it was put together.

ARrrrgg, the Vikings!