Monday, August 25, 2008

Malnar's Top Moments of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

- Michael Phelps winning all that Gold
- Gymnastics gymnastics gymnastics....Go Nastia & Shawn
- Women's Beach go girlzzzz
- Dara Torres....her outstanding sportsmanship & swimming ability against all the youngsters
- Japan winning the Women's Softball tournament; thus proving that America does not dominate the sport, so why get rid of it?
- The Lopez Family kicking some Boooo Tay
- The amazing architecture of the Olympics buildings
- The U.S. Women's relay team winning Gold & NOT dropping the Baton
- Opening & Closing Ceremonies
- The below picture of a child's hairstyle supporting the Olympics in China

Friday, August 22, 2008

FaMiLy VaCatIoN dAy SiX

Last Stop....the BEACH. White Sand, Blue-ish Green Water - It Was beautiful!

FaMiLy VaCaTiOn DaY fIvE

So on day FIVE...we were Kaput. We headed over to Wet n Wild one last time and then went back to our hotel to take it easy. It rained heavily for a while, which was nice b/c it cooled off quite substantially.

Keedan snoozing on our trek back to the hotel.

Ryan & Keedan after the rain @ the hotel pool. Keedan had an awesome time splashing and kicking in the water.

Such a happy boy :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

FaMiLy VaCaTiOn DaY fOuR

We started early again the fourth day at Universal Studios. We were pretty excited to go on the Men IN Black (alien attack) ride. Every bit of excitement was nullified after the first few seconds. This is definitely one for the small/medium kiddo's or if you just like shooting at aliens.

JaWs was our next stop and was very much what I had anticipated. "Big Great White Shark Attack" of our boat...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Disaster seemed interesting to check out, but after the
looonnngggg presentation (silly 20 minute show) the ride malfunctioned. They well made up for the mishap by giving us all "Express Pass" Tickets. These tickets enabled us to go to any ride in the park and not wait in line.

So we used them at The Simpsons cuz we just HAD to ride it again.

After the ride we ran into Cute Cartoon Character Actors dancing in the summer sun.

Finally, a warm and fuzzy picture for Keedan to one day look at and have sweet dreams about/ as opposed to nightmares.

You can't come to Florida without meeting the Top Race Car Drivers.

We decided to leave the heat and hiked back to the hotel for some food and a Nice Long NAP.

We ventured to Islands of Adventure later that night to catch some thrills

and to put out fires.

The Marvel Comic Island was SPECTACULAR!!!

The Spiderman ride was off the HizzAae (Translation....the Bomb Diggity...a.k.a. up there on the pedestal with The Simpson's ride)

Cue the music "Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can..."

We left Universal with a Bang.

Our last ride of the night was Ripp Saw Falls, located in toon town.

Definitely a MUST ride! It's well worth the full body soak that you get.

This sign is so true to our "Universal"experience.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

FaMiLy VaCaTiOn DaY tHrEe

Day three, during the day, we ventured to Wet N Wild. It was nice b/c it was just across three street and a couple blocks away from our hotel. Keedan absolutely LOVED it!!!

In the evening we headed over to Islands of Adventure.

Ryan and Keedan hopped on a wave while I just doggy paddled.

Poseidon's Adventure area was very mountainous and beautiful with waterfalls and huge rock boulder's. The show wasn't that great but the view of the area well made up for it.

The Dr. Seuss area was very whimsical and fun.

Ryan & Keedan started turning into Whoville "Things".

Jurassic Park was thrilling and adventurous......Super D Duper Awesome!!!

By the end of the night, Keedan was X ahhh sted

Monday, August 11, 2008

FaMiLy VaCaTiOn DaY tWo

We began the day with Univ. Studios again.

Our routine was as follows: Wake up by 7:30a.m. hop on the shuttle bus by 8:00a.m. to get to the park early before most people and ride as many rides as possible before the crowds and blazing heat set in. Then at noon, hike back to the hotel, take a nap and head back to the park after 6:00p.m. when the heat and crowds subside a bit.

Scooby Doo and crew were "Chinese Fire Drilling" it up and we were unable to get a quick meet and greet.....a.k.a. picture of Keedan with the cute pooch.

So, on our way we went to ride E.T. I really enjoyed this one b/c it was the first ride to make me feel like a true kid again.

The next ride The Simpson's that we rode is definitely one of the BEST rides in the park. I cannot express how AWESOME it really is, you just have to experience it for yourself to understand what I'm talking about.

Next up was the Live Animal Star Show. It was okay, definitely one for the Kiddo's.

We took some time to check out the Horror Make-up Show and Keedan was able to take his first picture with non other than Hellboy himself.

Boy, what a memory for a little baby to remember.

I just wish I hadn't smiled, I think it would have been way more cool that way.

Keedan was also able to meet a scary dinosaur. ARRRRrrrrrrr

We left from there to head back up to the Hotel for a nap, but before we left took a detour to Hollywood for some glam time.

DUH NUH, DUH NUH, Duh Nuh, Duh Nuh, Duh Nuh

FaMiLy VaCaTiOn DaY oNe

Keedan's first airplane ride. He was very good on the plane. It helped to have two cute little girls in front of us to grab hold of Keedan's attention.

The Pilots were unavailable for a photo, so we got one with the sweet stewardess.

Now to jump ahead a bit, we went to universal studios first. For those of you with small kids the park has a "BABY SWAP" area that we utilized. How this works is that one parent (No. 1) will wait in line while the other parent (No. 2) and child wait in an air conditioned room. After parent (No. 1) finishes the ride and goes to the baby swap area, parent (No.2) goes through to the front of the line with barely any wait time.

The first thing we did was watch Shrek 4-D and it was AWESOME!

Then we headed over to experience Twister

and lastly the MUMMY (it really wasn't too wasn't, did I say it wasn't scary?)

This was Keedan at the end of the day. We put some "infant" ear plugs in his ears, but we don't think that they helped much.