Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Keedan @ 6 & 3/4 months

This little rascal is now 18.6 lbs & 26 3/4 inches long. He is Army Crawling as fast as a Salamander and definitely keeps us on our toes.

He likes to talk about food a whole bunch, and babbles a bit too.

The most exciting news is that he's got two teeth coming in. By thanksgiving he just might be able to chew up some turkey (goble goble).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Desire to Serve

After hurricane IKE and most importantly after we received electricity, I had a strong desire to lend some help in whatever way I could. I started doing some research and found a wonderful website called Volunteer Houston.
It lists various places to volunteer around the Houston area.

On Friday I began making plans to attend the following week and when Sunday came along recruited three young women to join me. They actually wanted to come and clean my house, but I felt it would be more meaningful if we put our shoulder to the wheel in the community. Plus, they can clean my house later :)

We volunteered at the End Hunger Network prepping food for about 5,000 families. Yes, that's right 5,000 families per day is who this organization prepares food for. It was fun to meet new people and most importantly it was truly rewarding to be a part of something so meaningful.

Beatrice, Nicole & Natasha

Beatrice singing & you can't see it but she was getting jiggy with it.

Nicole & Natasha taking a break.

Vote for Neal E. Boyd

Okay I haven't been watching the entire season of America's Got Talent but I do have to say that this guy....Neal Boyd has got booooo-koo's of talent. He sings opera and does so beautifully. Here's his bio.....and don't forget to vote for him online at NBC.com....America's Got Talent.

Neal E. Boyd - Top 5



Neal E. Boyd, 32, is an insurance salesman hailing from Sikeston, Mo. He discovered opera music in his senior year of high school, when his brother was forced to do a school project involving the Three Tenors. His brother had little appreciation for the music, but Neal was so enamored by the passion and skill of the famous trio that he started practicing how to sing in Pavarotti's Italian style. A creative seed was planted, and Neal went on to study speech communications and music at Southeast Missouri State University, and the University of Missouri's Columbia branch - graduating from both in 2001. He later went to the New England Conservatory in Boston to study opera, which led to a lead role in the World Premier Opera. With "America's Got Talent," Neal hopes to finally realize his dream of becoming an international opera star, and inspiring the younger generations the way he was inspired.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

IKE Took Our Bike :(

Catchy huh? Well not true...Ike did not take our bike (b/c we do not have one) but he did take our electricity and water for 5 1/2 days.

We are happy to say that we were unscathed by the storm. Our house on the other hand just needs a bandaid on the roof, a fan to dry out some minorly wet carpet and the fence to be put back together with wood glue. Okay wood glue won't work but maybe Duct Tape will.

We are so very thankful for our wonderful friends The Whites for letting us legally move in with them for a couple days...The Zamirippas for letting us use some of there power to juice up our cell phone....The Hunts for calling a stranger to find a friend (inside joke)...everyone else who kept us in their prayers.

There were definitely highlights to this natural disaster.
- Seeing the unity of neighbors and strangers helping each other.
- Playing Wii Olympic Games.....Fun Fun Fun
- Keedan having a ball with Zane and Jack.
- Having a Girls Night Out and going to the movies to see "Mama Mia"
- ICE Cream from Baskin Robbins...........soooooo yummy!
- Quizno's ....do I need to say anything else?
- The moment the lights came on......HALLELUJAH
Sorry no pics yet...camera is broken.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Our friends "The Adam's Family" duh nuh nuh nuh Snap Snap duh nuh nuh nuh snap snap...(okay that's enough) invited us to Port Aransas to stay with them and another family "The Barney's" at a beach house over the holiday.

We had a wonderful time with friends, touring the USS Lexington, and playing in the ocean.

Tour of the USS Lexington

Ryan a.k.a. Maverick

Ryan & Keedan climbing up the super narrow steps to the upper deck.

Keedan & Daddy

Keedan & Mommy

All three of us in front of an aircraft similar to the kind that John McCain flew when he was in the armed forces.

Keedan hanging out in the "fire breathing" part of the jet.

Keedan & Mommy sitting on some of the artillery machines.

Keedan & Daddy sitting on some of the artillery machines.

Keedan & Ryan taking a quick rest stop on the ships lower quarters. As you can see the space is quite cramped.
Fun Fact: Parts of the movie Pearl Harbor were filmed on the ship.

Keedan got locked up in the "BRIG" for his bad behavior

Luckily I came to his rescue.

Keedan & Carson "Out for the Count" on our way back from the tour.

Monday...aka Beach Day...aka hurricane Gustav hit Louisiana Day thus sending massive waves our way.

Check out Ryan riding those Narly waves.

Me catching some waves in a Kayak.....it was oh sooooooooo much fun!!! Just look at those monster waves.

Me just enjoying life, literally ;)

Surprise Baby Sprinkle

My friend Jeni is having a baby boy for Keedan to bully around, very soon!

This is her second kiddo, so i decided to throw her a sprinkle since she'd already been showered....back when Kenzi was still in her womb.

I decided to make it a surprise, bee-cuz surprises are soooooooooo much more fun!
The attendance was a bit sparce but the party was very hearty!
Here are the Fun Ladies & little gent that attended:


Katrina & Teik



We all had a Great Time and can't wait for the little Poll to arrive!

Cincinnati Reds vs Houston Astros

Keedan's First Baseball Game
Keedan loved it....To tell you the truth, he loved checking out the ladies more than the game.

Cincinnati Reds 2
Houston Astros 1

Leonardo da Vinci: Man, Inventor, Genius

A few weeks ago we toured the new exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science with our friends the Adam's.

The exhibit focused on the works of Leonardo da Vinci.
It's quite amazing that he either invented or helped to improve various machines, inventions and designs over 500 years ago.

It fascinates me to imagine people trying to test these inventions of Leonardo's. I'm sure there were many injuries and even deaths associated with the testing of various machines, objects etc....

ROBOT (one of his least-known designs) The notes attached to this display said that this "Robot" was designed to open & close its jaw, sit up, wave its arms and move its head and was probably developed after Leonardo's extensive research of the human anatomy.
All I can say is VERY COOL!!!