Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cousins and Aliens

This past week, Keedan's cousins stopped by for a quick visit on their way back home to Utah.
Keedan had soooo much fun with them.

None of the kiddo's tired of the play pistol's you see in the pic. They chased each other around the house clikety clicking until we (the adults) took them away.

(Alien Footprints)

On Thursday, Keedan and I made a trip to Roswell and while there took some time to check out the alien habitation.

(Alien Street Lamp along Main St.)

(Music Store with the added Alien Advertisment)

It's comical that this town advertises on almost every business with some sort of Alien picture or statue.

Our last Alien destination was to a souvenir shop that had an alien black light art display.

Poor Keedan was not a fan, at all. I did pay $2 bucks to walk through so I made him suffer through it.

I broke down and bought these silly alien sunglasses....I do have to say that we had a good laugh over them.

On a side note, I also bought a silly blow up baby alien that Keedan has been playing with (quite frequently might I add) and he calls it his baby.

Maybe that will be a good thing once the real baby is born, so that Keedan will learn how to take care of a baby as he watches mommy. Haha, we shall see....nothing like wishful thinking.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh Sweetness!

Keedan is now 2 1/2 years old.....Wow crazy how time flies. He looks so sweet and peaceful at the moment. HOw O how can this sweet little fella cause so much commotion? The answer is...when mom's not around every second, he is a magnet for the no' no's :)

Incident 1 - Mom vs. Brownie Batter BanditI made some brownie batter last week, covered it, walked away from the kitchen for a bit and somebody was able to infultrate the batter.

When I tried to depose Keedan (b/c he was the only suspect) he was uncooperative.

He rolled over and began to laugh....but the proof was on his face and a small bit on his belly....Bahahahhaha.

Trying to prove his side of the situation with a lovely brownie batter mustache.

Incident 2 - Mom vs. Bubble Happy Boy

So, Keedan got ahold of the dish soap and filled the dishwasher with it. I've gotta give him credit b/c he put it in the right place and then some. Well, I was able to clean most of it out (so I thought) and proceeded to turn it on and I left for the store.

I came home to find bubbles covering most of the floor in my kitchen. I was shocked and Keedan was elated.

(I grabbed my camera too late but here is a little remnant of the mess before it was "keaned up")

I got out the sponge mop and began mopping up the floor when Keedan took interest and wanted to help. I handed him the mop and he started saying: "Kean up, Kean up!"

It was so sweet and heart warming to watch him be so vigilant at cleaning up the mess. He even lifted the mop up to the sink for me to rinse off the bubbles and strain it and then he got back to work :)

He wouldn't pose for the camera b/c he was too busy keaning to smile.

Afterwards he pointed to the floor and said with a big smile..."Kean!"