Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh Sweet Relief!

Oh sweet relief. After a six month plus a couple days absence, Ryan is finally back home from his first tour (a.k.a. - deployment).

Life for us was very difficult at first b/c I had just had MaKenna a week before Ryan left. Trying to deal with a newborn and an angry toddler meant for many teary eyed days and longing the day when everything would just be easier. I have to say that if not for the love and help of a loving Heavenly Father that not only hears prayers but answers them, I would have had the worst six months of my life.

My family was unable to come to Clovis (with the exception of my sweet cousin Ashley that visited me around Christmas time)to help me so I had to rely on Heavenly Father more than ever. Let me tell you I am so very thankful for the guidance and assistance that I was able to receive. I also had to rely on other people who very graciously helped me by cooking us yummy food,going to the store for me, babysitting, stopping by to just visit or inviting us over for dinner and fellowship.

If I could give any advice to others who have a spouse who b/c of work has to be away from home for an extended amount of time...keep busy. The days seemed to fly by for me after the initial hard part passed all b/c I was busy with kids and working on our house.

We live in the land of promise and have many freedoms allowed to us as we live in this great country. I have come to realize even more clearly that our freedoms are not free and b/c of this experience I am a stronger patriot and all together a stronger person.

I have truly grown from this experience in a positive way. While I'm in no way looking forward to the day ryan has to deploy again, I do know that we will be alright.