Saturday, February 21, 2009

Google Your Name + Needs and list the top 10 that make sense or that are not profane.

1. Amanda needs you to map yourself.
2. Amanda needs to pee.
3. Amanda needs some direction.
4. Amanda needs to get help busting skulls, not new friends.
5. Amanda needs to read Barbara Bush' speech to Wellesley Graduates.
6. Amanda needs love.
7. Amanda needs to get over it.
8. Amanda needs help!
9. Amanda needs a bone.
10. Amanda needs a better storyline.

1. Ryan needs a bra.
2. Ryan needs special care.
3. Ryan needs a little Fabulous.
4. Ryan needs answers.
5. Ryan needs to be fired.
6. Ryan needs to Recognize.
7. Ryan needs to budget like the rest of us.
8. Ryan needs a cellmate.
9. Ryan needs to shave quick.
10. Ryan needs your vote.

I have to say that I enjoyed googling Ryan's name more than my own.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Keedan's First Valentines Day

Keedan seemed to really enjoy his first Valentines's Day! (Don't let the expression on his face fool ya)

He played with mommy & friends,

ate some yummy cantelope and sidewalk chaulk,

and decorated a valentines day mail box.

Actually I decorated the mailbox for him while he just played with the stickers.

All in all I had a memorable First Valentines Day with Keedan.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big Changes are a Coming

We are officially moving on or about two months from now. To where, you ask?

New Mexico.

Ryan has accepted a position with the Jag program at Cannon Air Force Base.

We are very excited to be apart of this grand adventure as a family. We are also a bit overwhelmed because we still haven't sold our house here in Houston, so if any of you are looking....our house is just for you, or for your 2ND cousin...hey maybe even for your veterinarian.

We are also very much looking forward to moving in an area to be able to attend a bona fide Ward in lieu of a Branch! Yippee Kie Yie Yay!!!

Another perk is that we will be fairly close to the UFO sighting areas a.k.a. Roswell, NM. So all of you looking for some adventure are more than welcome to visit us. If you come, we can hopefully go on a camping trip close to if not in Roswell and maybe...just maybe, if the weather is right, get abducted.

No worries because we will, of course, be brought back to earth to the very spot we will be taken only to be confused on whether it was real or a just a dream. Can you just picture it? I know my brother Levi can....we've already got you booked Levi, you've just got to show up :)

We will definitely keep you all posted on the what what even if we aren't sure of what the what what is.