Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Messy Business

Our home remodeling adventure has definitely been an experience. Just last night we found out that the patio door we ordered 2 weeks ago (might I add that we were told on Sat. would be here on Tuesday) will not be arriving b/c Lowe's doesn't sale them anymore.
What??????? Funny this wasn't mentioned earlier.....like after we had initially ordered it and paid for it or at least sometime SOON after.

Needless to say, customer service will be receiving a call from a not so happy pregnant woman who spends WAY to much time and money in their store.

Enough angry ranting, now to the happenings as of late:

We have been prepping our house for carpet to be installed very soon. I will not say when it will be installed b/c I don't want to jinx us. Seems that we have run into some obstacles over the past few days, so I'll just be positive and say "soon we will have new unsmelly carpet".

To do so, we have:

- Emptied Bedrooms (into living room and dining room)

- Scraped the Popcorn Ceiling

-Applied Mud and Tape if needed...and Sanded

- Textured/Texturing

- Received MUDDY feet

We have completed two rooms with new texture, just two more to go. Hopefully, the last two bedrooms will be ready for paint tomorrow...as I have rounded up a posse of ladies to help me paint them.

Here's being Optimistic throughout all the obstacles that lay around us.

(staged...Amanda was not injured while shooting this photo)

More pics to hopefully come, so stay tuned.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend young women's camp this year as a leader with the stake camp committee.

The campsite was located in south NM and was absolutely breathtaking.

The theme was "Happily Ever After, A Princess Retreat".

(My campsite was up this trail)

A total of 5 days I was there. Might I add that I Thankfully did not get sick with a bug that others had gotten.

While there, I not only got to know some really great ladies, but I also learned how to cut a tomato properly, how to strip iceberg lettuce properly and that there are GIANT Giant Marshmallows that exist.

On venue day, I gave a class called Charm School. There I gave a quick talk about taking care of our bodies and then the YCL's and other leaders gave the girls manicures. It turned out Great!

(Three Blind Mice)

Each Ward and the Stake put on skits that had there theme tied into it. They were super entertaining, everyone did a great job.

We picked Cinderella as our main theme and not to be biased or anything but it was pretty HILL-ARE-EE-US. As you can see from the picture the lady sitting in the chair (Janessa) couldn't keep from laughing for very long. I too was laughing constantly.

The last day early in the morning (6:00am)everyone hiked to the lake lodge which was high up in the mountain and overlooked the lake with tall trees all around.
It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
At this place we had our testimony meeting. We began with songs and of course prayer and during the songs I could really feel the spirit.

It was a very nice break from being around my two boys ;)
I hadn't laughed so hard in a very long time.
I had the very best time and was so grateful for the opportunity to be there and for Ryan's support in my decision to go and let me not forget the two wonderful babysitters (Jeni & Tina) that watched after Keedan while Ryan was at work.