Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fourth of July

We celebrated the fourth of July at our house with some of Ryan's family and a few friends from Clovis. Enjoy the pics :)

Sitting pretty!

Aunt Anita and MaKenna chill'axin.

This was suppose to be a happy cousin photo...but Keedan took his pants off and he's a bit cranky in the buff, hince the sweet baby Claire in front of him.

Yummy watermelon.



Keeping them occupied with marshmallow fondant.

Aunt Meredith, Aiden & Olivia.

Dress up time.

Photos with Grandpa Malnar...Keedan had yet another meltdown.

Close-up of his meltdown.

Aunt Sabrina, Uncle Dallen, Claire and MaKenna....and a bit of Ethan.

Getting ready for fireworks. We were all pretty beat, so we decided to try to watch the fireworks from our back yard. Anita and Meredith gave the kids glow stick necklaces and bracelets and I have to say it was pretty awesome in the dark.

You can tell the siblings in this picture by the expression on their faces.

Fun fun Fourth of July!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ryan's Office Farewell Party

This past week, Ryan's squadron had a farewell party for him and three others that were and are leaving Cannon AFB this month. The lunch was yummy and to my surprise, Ryan's office closed down to have some fun at Casselland.

Ryan putting on Keedan's Casslland bracelet.

Preparing to speed off.

We rode go carts. Keedan had a blast and didn't want to stop riding the fast cars while holding onto Ryan's arm.

You can see the happiness all over his face.

Bumper Boats was my fave b/c it was HOT outside, so it was very refreshing.

Keedan was all over the controls to squirt other people. He's a fast learner!

Again, Keedan wanted to do them again but we decided to play putt putt instead.

Keedan did really good the first few holes and then I guess he just got tired of hitting the ball so far away (and so many times), so he would walk up to the hole place his ball on the edge and push it, hit it or just plain drop it in the hole.

After putt putt, MaKenna and I had a sit down while Ryan hit the batting cages and Keedan hit the mini playground.

Keedan trying to drive on rocks = needing help from dad.

After that, Ryan geared up for some paintball.

Keedan wanted to join but thankfully I talked him into just watching Daddy play.

The aftermath.

MaKenna keeping herself occupied in her carseat.

It was fun and we were severely exhausted.

Had I not been driving, I'd have passed out too. Instead, when we arrived home I jumped into the pool and was instantly rejuvinated!

MaKenna @ 8 Months

MaKenna is now in the 8 month range. She is quite the character. she likes to sit in her bumbo and move from side to side when she feels like dancing. It's really cute!

She's got three teeth and likes to chew and pull on the end of her bottle, as you can see.

It's so fun to have this sweet girl as part of our family!