Sunday, January 25, 2009

Keedan @ 10 Months

This little guy has the cutest personality.

Here he is trying to get some popcorn from his dad.

He loves to laugh and show off the many teeth he has in that tiny mouth of his (7 total).

He also likes to get into stuff....lots of stuff.

Here he is tangled up with an MP3 player.

He's got so much hair I am seriously contemplating a hair snip before he starts sporting a mullet.

We celebrated Christmas with Amanda's family this past Friday and Keedan had a ball.

Hopefully he will stay occupied for long amounts of time now with all of his fun toys.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas 2008

Howdy everybody......We are back @ home in Texas after spending 3 fun-filled weeks in Utah.

The beginning of the trip was quite unique because Ryan and Keedan rode a different airline than myself.

(Please be not alarmed, your a witness to Ryan's Handle Bar Mustache)

The Bad News is that they got stuck in Colorado overnight due to weather conditions.

The Good News is that they both survived :)

To sum up a long three week trip I'll just hit on the highlights.

* Ryan and I went skiing at Deer Valley. It was my very first time to ski and I had an excellent instructor. For those of you who do not know....Ryan use to be a ski instructor....he could totally compete with the best of them b/c he's that talented!

(Me skiing very slowly while chanting Pizza Pizza Pizza :)

* Christmas was fantastic! We had a wonderful time with everyone. It was especially fun to watch the older children open their presents.

(Merry Christmas)

(Marietta looking picture perfect)

(Keedan & Uncle Daran)

(Ryan and Camilia)

*Going to the USU basketball Game and sitting with the ever so cool Whitesides Family. I must add another major higlight... eating USU Ice cream.....that stuff is FANTASTIC...I'm sorry to admit this but it was way better than Blue Bell!

(Mike, Megan & their adoreable boys)

(Ryan & I)

*Playing Killer Uno with Ryan's Mom, brother & sisters. You all know what I'm talking about :)

*I got to spend 4 days kid free....I missed Keedan terriblly, but it made the highlight list because I got tons of rest.I felt like I was at a spa retreat :) I also got to help my brother Levi and his wife Brittany paint their new beautiful condo.

(Levi cooking up a storm)

(Brittany looking oh so cute in her polka dott apron)

*Hanging out with Brittany and going to the Wood Connnection. Okay for those of you in are sooooooo lucky to have an awesome store like the Wood Connection. Brittany and I spent 3 hours in that store (not kidding). We had way too much fun :)

(Brittany & I Glamming it up)

*Catching up on movies I've never seen. My favorite so far....Hitch and Enchanted....Yeah I know I'm so far behind.

*Driving to the airport sitting on Ryan's lap alongside Keedan's stroller. We had way too much stuff and barely fit into my brother's car.

*Keedan had soooo much fun playing with all of his cousins. I know for a fact that he misses them terribly! Mom & Dad are just not as fun.

(Keedan & Jaxon)

(Olivia & Keedan)

(Trevor & Keedan)

(Livvy, Aidan & Ethan)

(D'marion being a book worm)

*Lastly, going to the same visitors ward in Park City along with Mitt Romney and his family.

All I can say is was very cool!