Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just A Few Updates........

1. NO, I haven't given birth yet, but I feel like I am going to POP at any moment. I went to the bank today and as I was walking back to my car a woman in an SUV rolled her window down and with a concerned look on her face asked me if I was in pain. She then proceeded to inform me that I don't need to go very far.....I thought it was pretty funny.

2. For those of you who don't know, Ryan incurred a football injury a few weeks ago that popped two of the joints of his pinky finger out of socket (the bottom joint broke through his skin causing him 8 hours in the emergency room plus a few stitches) Yesterday he finally got his stitches pulled out. His finger is healing well and hopefully he will be able to move it more & more as time goes by.

3. If you haven't watched the latest Extreme Home Makeover it is a MUST watch. It was such a wonderful and inspirational story about a family needing a home to suit the needs of their disabled older son who's blind and in a wheel chair. It's a bit long but well worth the entire 2 hours!
Just go to & click Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and then click on full episodes. (Click on the Hughe's family)

That's really about it. I'm just happily & anxiously sitting at home, hoping the rain subsides so that I can go for a LOooooonnnnngggggg walk to help stimulate my body to push this baby out :) I hope to write soon about my long exhausting labor.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

37 Weeks & 3 days Pregnant

Here is an updated picture of my ever growing belly. it ever growing! I can't believe that the time is drawing closer & closer to that special day where we will get to meet our new baby boy. I'm not prepared entirely, but I've been schooled that you're never quite prepared for this life changing event.
Anyway, we will keep you all posted as to when that special day happens. Until then...toodles :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ryan Eats Snow

Our 20 something hour trip to Park City

We finally have pictures to post of our trip to Utah, Colorado & Wyoming.

First stop was Colorado, where we picked up Sabrina (Ryan's sister)& Paxton her daughter. It was an interesting ride b/c Sabrina & Paxton rode from Colorado to Utah with us. They are definitely some troopers b/c they rode in the back seat with Astro our dog.

Second stop was Laramie, Wyoming. We stayed with the wonderful Fry family. The plan was to stay for one night, but there was a snow storm that had us to stay for two nights. We had a ton of fun with the Fry's!

When we thought the snow storm had subsided we left Laramie to travel to Park City, UT. On the way we ran into a road closure on the interstate and had to exit into Rawlins, WY. We stopped to eat at Cappy's and then did a bit of Christmas shopping. Here is a picture at the restaurant of the adoreable Paxton Philpott.

The roads finally opened up, and we got to Park City safely. Check out the crazy "snow breeze". I had never seen anything like it. Of course this was my first time to be around "real" snow.

Astro loved loved the snow, which is a bit strange considering that he absolutely loathes being near water.

Believe it or not, he enjoyed it so much that he turned into a reindeer. Here's a picture of Camillia & Ethan getting ready to be pulled by Astro.

We got to meet the newest Malnar edition "Jackson" (he's being held by his Aunt Camillia) and were surprised at just how big and much more adoreable his big sister Olivia had become.

Ryan enjoyed some skiing with his brother Daran, sister Camillia and his dad.
Hopefully, if we travel to UT next year for Christmas I'll be able to ski.

One of our last stops was to visit my brother Levi & his family. Here's a picture of Levi & Trevor. Brittany (his wife) was ill and didn't want to be photographed, so I was nice and deleted the pictures I had taken of her.

We had such a wonderful time with our family & friends during our vacation, but next time we will definitely fly.