Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Bliss

We had a really nice Thanksgiving Day! We began by eating lunch with our friends Jed, Jeni & Kenzi. Jeni made Delicious rolls. We tried not to eat too much because we still needed to attend my family's Thanksgiving dinner. I did really good at not eating toooo much. The food was soo yummy!

We left and headed to my Grammy's house on full belly's. My family usually eats late, so our body's had time to digest the food from the Poll's.

Every year we do a craft on Thanksgiving and this year we made stockings. I made one for the baby and Ryan made one for Astro. Ryan is quite the talented crafter :) The stocking he made for Astro is tooo adoreable.

We had a nice time and of course the food was yummy!

BEWARE Grammy has a Glue Gun and she's not afraid to use it

Ryan and his crafty skills :)

Yum Yum Turkey Leg

Astro is enjoying a turkey leg.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Car is Now Running

This past Friday, Ryan and brother Hosea (from our Branch) put the new starter in our car and guess what? It wouldn't start. Apparently the battery lost its charge, so we had to go and get a new one. FYI - if anyone needs a battery NAPA auto parts is the place to get it. Don't let Wal-mart deceive you they were the most expensive by almost double of what we paid for it at NAPA.

Monday, November 12, 2007

24 weeks & 5 days Pregnant

Oh the joys of being pregnant:
1. Hearing the baby's heartbeat at doctor visits (my very favorite)
2. Knowing that Heavenly Father is trusting me (& Ryan) to care for and nurture this lovely baby.
3. The glow that never goes away and that I am apparently unaware of at most times.
4. Feeling the baby move around in my belly, except when I am trying to fall into a blissful rest. It actually makes me laugh at times when the baby kicks me at church when I am trying to be reverent. So that being said, I already know I'll have to lay the smack down at church with this one :)
5. The ever growing belly.
6. The emphasis of safety concerns people have when I'm around them.
Now please keep in mind that I'm almost in my 3rd trimester, so the above list of joys may change stay tuned ;)

Weekend update

It's a Boy :) Big props to all of you who voted for a boy. He was quite the underdog in the poll. This goes to show that the majority is not always correct!

Weekend Update Continued

We had an exciting weekend. Friday, we had an ultrasound done of the baby and thankfully the results so far are that the baby is healthy and happy. It was quite amazing to see the baby on the screen moving around. Here is a picture of the baby yawning. He was sitting indian style on my bladder at one point and then began grabbing both of his feet with his hands the next. Sooo cute!!! Ryan said that he's already becoming a little show off. I definitely agree.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Grease Monkey

This past weekend Ryan worked on our car. He is quite the mechanic. We went to the Public Library on Saturday so that he could print off the instructions on how to extract the starter and when we arrived home it took him a little over an hour to get it out. Now, as for getting it back in...stay tuned, we are still in waiting for the part to come in.