Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Floors

So, we have new tile in three areas of the house....The Pantry, The Entryway & The Laundry Room. Wow it is so much nicer to have new tile.
This upcoming week, we are getting our Kitchen done.

This exquisite pink and grey marble above is getting hacked out and I can't wait!

Above is the pantry with old vinyl.

This is the entryway after the old tile was pulled up.

Entry way with new tile (before the grout was placed).

Now for the Laundry Room.

Because we had to remove the washer & dryer from their area to get the floor put in...I took advantage of the opportunity to make it a bit more complete.

I scraped the popcorn ceiling, painted the walls green & cut and installed new baseboards so that I can have my washer & dryer hooked up again very soon (the mounds of clothes are getting steep).

Ta da....almost complete. We still need some texture on the ceiling, the baseboards to be caulked and painted a second time and the shelf painted in a cream color.

At least the bottom part is almost ready for me to install the washer and dryer again.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

HaPpY EaStEr

We had a wonderful Easter/Conference Weekend!

First Off Conference was so uplifting and filled our home with such a strong spirit that I really didn't want it to end.

Leading up to this weekend, on Monday night for our FHE we read about the last week of Christ's Life. It was great to think about his last days on earth for an entire week. I think that helped prepare me to be open to the messages given at conference with more thanksgiving and appreciation for all that Christ has done for not only me but for everyone.

For our FHE activity we made "Monster Eggs". Keedan really enjoyed it and we really enjoyed watching him.

Thursday night we headed over to our church for an Easter Egg hunt.

Keedan didn't quite understand what to do for the first couple minutes but once he did figure it out he didn't want to stop putting eggs in his basket.

Saturday Keedan and I went to the Clovis Zoo for an Easter egg hunt and boy was it a dissapointment. Keedan only got to pick up one egg b/c the masses of children and parents were almost trampling. I spotted my friend Camille and we went over to chat with her for a bit. Sitting beside her was a boy around 5 who after hearing me say that Keedan only got one egg, placed two of his eggs into Keedan's basket. What a SWEETY! I'm still impressed with his unselfishness.

As we were leaving, I realized that we got to check out the zoo for free, so the time spent there wasn't a total waste of time. We had a good time and while it's small it's nice for a small town zoo.

Sunday morning, Keedan awoke to find what "The Easter Bunny" had brought him.

He enjoyed finding hidden eggs and knew exactly what to do with them this time!