Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Can you tell what or who we (Ryan & Amanda) are suppose to be? Ryan's costume might be a bit tricky but he is trying to be all that he can be & I (Amanda) am.....look at my shirt then try guessing again......have you got a guess yet? Mums the word. I'm a mummy. Well, I could have done better but I didn't want a ton of toilet paper hanging from me.
Below us is Brian & Laura....they just recently got back from their honeymoon, where Laura broke a bone in her foot. Ouchy....We hope it heals soon Laura!

Castle of Terror

What fun is Halloween without a haunted castle of terror? Our neighbors Joel & Julie had the neighborhood hotspot positioned smack dab on their front lawn. It was great!

Raging Raggidy Ann

First impressions are not always best. This is Ms. Makenzi. She is the cutest red headed toddler in these here parts of Texas! Don't be fooled by a little tantrum she's really an angel & might i add the cutest Raggedy Ann ever!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gone Fish'n'

Ryan went saltwater fishing this past Saturday in Kemah, TX with the Elders Quorum of our Branch. Kudos to him for being the first one to catch a fish!

Fishin' Crew

Here are some of the fellas from the Elder's Quorum that attended the fishing trip.

Let's cook up some fishies

Ryan brought home three fish. Two Red Drum and one Black Drum.

Stinky Fish

It's time for Ryan to "Clean" the fish.

A Fish for All of Us

We threw on some salt, pepper, paprika, butter, lemon and chopped onions and then we wrapped them in foil and threw them in the oven. With the fish we ate french fries, zuchini and drank some yum yum apple juice. The fish were really yummy! Astro definately prefers the fish cooked. In the picture with Astro, the fish was raw and he didn't know what to do with it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Here's a Little Tid Bit for ya....

I hope that you can all see that the cursor is a man shooting a gun b/c there is a story behind the choosing of this character. Ryan likes...wait let me re-phrase that He LOVES to play Call of Duty (this is a game that takes place in various battles of the World War II era)and he shoots up the opposing team and sometimes ends up shooting his teammembers as well (just for fun). He also likes to play various hunting games online, which I really enjoy b/c you can choose different countries to be in and the animals charge after you. So, the reason for the man shooting a gun as our cursor is b/c of Ryan's enthusiasm of playing the above mentioned shooting games.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Welcome to our BLOGGER page. We (Ryan, Amanda, Astro & Little One) currently reside in Houston TX. Ryan is a 3L (in English 3L means 3rd year law student) at the University of Houston. I am currently a 5 month pregnant homemaker. Astro is our amazingly obedient dog and Little One is our unborn baby which we have recently named Erin. This is not the official name of the baby it's more of a name of convenience. The reason that we named the pre-born baby Erin is b/c we don't know the gender as of yet. It's a universal name that really helps me because I would tend to speak of the baby as him or her when I would talk about him or her. You see I just did it again, hahaha! Erin just makes life less complicated :)
I'm (Amanda)new to this Blog Page Making thing and I have spent oodles of time trying to figure out how to post things. I'm excited to say that I think I'm finally getting the jist of it all. So, that being said, please keep checking our Blog page for updates as to how we are doing and especially to see how far my Blog Page Making Skills are progressing :)

Here are some pictures of people from Brian & Laura's wedding. It was a lovely day!
October 13th was a wonderful day! Our friends Brian Evans & Laura Edwards wed for time & all eternity at the Houston Temple in Spring Texas. It was truly a beautiful and spirit filled ceremony. I was so grateful that they invited Ryan and I to the ceremony in the temple because it gave me a chance to reflect back to my wedding day (over a year ) and to remember just how very special it is to be wed in the temple.

Monday, October 22, 2007

It's almost the end of October

October is almost over and Halloween is next week. We don't have any plans, thus so far. If anything, Ryan said he'd go as a pregnant man :) I'd like to see him pull that off. As of yesterday I am now 22 weeks and counting. I first felt the "Quikening" of the baby last week and it's really cool. I'll probably eat my words once I feel jabs to my ribs, but unitl then, I keep my first opinion :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hotel Rewanda Manager

The manager of the hotel rewanda spoke at our law school today. It was very interesting! It seems that the people of that country are ready to embrace democracy and achieve what S. Africa has already achieved.