Friday, January 29, 2010

Ryan & His Little Helper

Here are a couple of pics of our living room during the rennovation.

No pictures yet of the AFTER b/c we have moved things into the living room so that we can work on other rooms.

I don't want the pictures to look cluttered so you'll all just have to wait.

Ryan and Keedan getting ready to sand the drywall.

Keedan got his mask on and the guys were ready to rock'n'roll.

The mask didn't last long, neither did the sanding.

Here they are laying down the plastic before the wood went down.

K's a great little helper most of the time.

He definitely brings the FUN to the house work.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28th Snow Storm

The weather here cannot make up it's mind. Just yesterday I could have worn my flip-flops and today it is sooooo COLD and snowy. Yes SNOWY.

It is soooo SNOWY that Ryan did not have to go into work today nor did kids have school.

I wanted to make a snowman but chicken'd out b/c I wanted to stay warm.

Here a some more pics of today.

This is our pool, if you can believe it.

Our poor cars had to stay outside b/c our garage is wayyyyy too full of stuff.
Look how much snow there is.

Ups to cold days is that we had the fireplace burning, ate some super scrumptious Green Chile Soup and got some work done on our house.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mommy! Mommy!

So, I just love being a dad, for reals! It's just a blast and I never thought I would like it so much, but it's a lot of fun. It makes me feel bad for all those out there that think of their career is more important than having a family because let me be honest with you, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! I've done a few things in my day. Some highlights include being a rock star on guitar hero, becoming a homeowner, winning a law school advocacy competition, hitting a grand slam with two outs and two strikes in the last inning of the game (it was almost a comeback, we lost by 2), pitching a no-hitter (actually, I think it was a 2-hitter), getting a 4.0, acing a chemistry test, breaking a weight-lifting record in Utah, serving a mission, getting sealed in the temple and winning the local ward football tournament. However, NOTHING compares to the day after day experience of having a loving wife and being a dad. The biggest difference I think is that these experiences are great and I really enjoy them, but then they pass and they end. On the other hand, being part of a family doesn't...I'm part of the same family day after day. There is nothing like coming home and greeted by Amanda and little Keedan. Now, I realize a lot of the past experiences laid the foundation for the family life I'm enjoying now, (and it helps me realize just how important the gospel really is) but it is just great.

So, the title to this post has special meaning (Mommy!Mommy!). When Keedan was younger he knew how to say one word, DADDY! He said it all the time and I think Amanda even felt bad that he said Daddy all the time and didn't say Mommy much. It felt great for me though and I even admit that I gloated a little to Amanda about how Keedan liked me more. I know, sorry, I have my weaknesses. Well, the tables have turned and it seems Amanda is getting revenge. You see, Keedan still loves his dad, but he seems to have decided in his mind that Mommy and Daddy pretty much mean the same thing. He's decided that he can use the two words interchangeable and he's also decided that saying Mommy is easier!!!! So, it's just a little funny when I walk in the room or get home from work and Keedan screams, "Mommy!" Just one of the funny things that goes along with being a parent.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fun With Playdough

Keedan has discovered the FUN of making monster fingers with playdough.

After his monster fingers have been made, he is very careful not to be too rough with them.

He also gives a soft little growl when he attacks.

I just love it.