Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Disney World...Holla

After Ryan's graduation from JASOC we traveled to Orlando by car from Alabama to the place where dreams come true.

There we met up with our friends from Houston The Hunts.

We stayed @ Windsor Hills Resort in a pretty snazzy condo (with a super sweeeeeet pool - shown above), had a week long VACAE filled with excitement & just enough food in our kitchen!

More too come...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Washington D.C.

We were able to travel to D.C. and wow was I (Amanda) impressed at the city. Just looking at the architecture alone was enough for me to be happy with my trip.

We had so much to do and so little time to do it. We were not able to see everything that we wanted to see but we had an enjoyable experience nonetheless.

Supreme Court Building

Ryan's JASOC class.

...yes that is little man Keedan running in one of the massive halls of the bldg. Thankfully it was permitted :)

Taking the tour.

U.S. Capitol Building

Can I be any more obvious that I'm a tourist?

Ceiling of the Capital Bldg.

I've got my nifty headphones on (so to be able to hear our tour guide)standing beside a statue of Brigham Young.

Crime & Punishment Museum

Public Nuissance

Learning how to use a gun early in life.

All Locked UP!

Similation of Driving a Cop was difficult to steer, I just hope that reg. cop cars are a bit easier.

America's Most Wanted is filmed in the basement of the museum on Saturday's in front of a live audience.

Keedan and I on the America's Most Wanted set.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Ready for some learnin'.

Holocost Museum

Regardless of possible depression, this is a must see if your ever in D.C.

World War II Memorial

The monuments and memorials are beautiful at nighttime.

Lincoln Memorial

No climbing!

U.S. Monument

White House

Red Hat Lady's Group


and more protestor's

Playing with the birds and ducks in the park across from the White House.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sweet Home Away From Home Alabama

We Malnar's are back home after being away from home for quite some time (Ryan - 2 months) (Amanda & Keedan - 1 month & 1 week).

Ryan was in Alabama for some training and Keedan and I went up to stay with the wonderful Sullivan family until Ryan's training was complete.

Here are pics of our time in AL.

Ry mowing the grass & Keedan snoozing...who'd a thought the lawn mower could put him to sleep?!

Keedan trying on Glen's shoes.

Pool Party/Rock Band with Flight Bravo @ one of Ryan's instructor's home.

Keedan practicing for American Idol.

Ceremony for becoming a Captain.

I was privileged to be able to change Ryan's jacket to his new rank as Captain Malnar.

The Officer's Club Dining Out Night.

We were some fancy dressed peeeps.

Ryan & Amy Austin at the Dining Out. She is one funny lady!

Ryan and his flight at "THE GROG".

Finishing his cup of GROG.

The Entertainment for the night was fabulous. Skits inspired by people from JASOC were performed.

Ryan was part of the various skits and did a wonderful job imitating a guy that was always texting while at training.

Ryan receiving his certificate for completing JASOC.

Ryan very excited to be finished with training.

We were all happy on Graduation Day!!!