Sunday, July 18, 2010

So Where Ya Been?

We've mostly been here in Clovis but have been exhaustingly busy with life and our remodeling endeavor.

I wish I had more time for blogging but alas I've been too lazy for that. Anyway here's a quick update for those of you whov've been wondering what we have been up to.

Had a marathon couple of days to finish up some drywall so that carpet could be installed....and alas we met our deadline thanks to several wonderful friends that helped us out with various tasks.

Went to the midnight premiere of Eclipse. I had a fabulous time!

We started with girls night out get together at AppleBees and then off to the Show.

I stole these pictures off of my friend Jeni's blog b/c I didn't take a camera (gotta love technology sometimes, huh?) Jeni scored a pair of free passes to the movie that she generously shared with me.

My brother Levi and his wonderful wife Brittany and sweet boy Trevor came for a visit and stayed for the 4th of July weekend. We had such a great time with them! (I was a slacker at taking photos but I do have some video I can try to upload)

Our sweet dog Astro died. I won't go into details b/c it will make me cry but I'll just say he was the very best dog I and we have ever had!

I (Amanda)turned the big 31 and Ryan was fabulous about making me feel so pampered and loved! Koodo's to you Ry!

We now have a new dog...her name is Nala and she's still a puppy but big. Yes, it's a bit soon after the passing of our wonderful pooch Astro but we hope to have her used to our family quickly for reasons I cannot talk about except that it's nice to have Ryan do the rough housing with the dog and not I (haven't taken a picture yet but she looks very similar to Astro except that she's blonde instead of a red, oh and she's a girl :)

Lastly, we are having another baby in 3 months.....crazy how fast time flies. We are excited to be having a GIRL and for Keedan to have a sibling to play with!