Thursday, December 30, 2010

MaKenna @ 2 Months

Wow, how the time is passing quickly. Our sweet little baby is now 2 months old.

I love to watch her stretch in the morning when she awakens.

I'm so glad I was able to capture it with my camera.

This sweet little lady brings so much joy to our home.

Keedan absolutely adores her.

Sometimes a bit toooooooo much, but at least he adores her, right?

Monday, December 20, 2010


Yes, Really! This word seems to be the word that I've been thinking and saying this past week.

Saturday 11th - Really?
I picked up my cousin from the aiport in Lubbock and we went to grab some yummy burgers from Fudruckers and then were excited to go shopping. We ended up only hitting one store b/c I was soooo exhausted from the kids and it was getting dark. While in the store and waiting in line, Keedan managed to find and open a small but expensive bag of chocolate covered pretzels. Really? Yes Really, so I bought them b/c as the saying goes - "You Break It, You Buy It".

Might I add that on our way home I noticed a truck speeding up behind me. I was in the fast lane and he got into the turning lane to pass me and crashed into a pole. The pole came flying behind him and thankfully I was able to miss getting hit. Wow, we were REally blessed during our trip home. I'm sooooo very very thankful for not getting hit with flying debris.

Sunday 12th - Not Really!
This was a good day.

Monday 13th - Really?
My cousin was sick as a dog all day long with some 24 hour bug. What a bummer to be on vacation and get sick. Thankfully she started to feel better the next day.

Tuesday 14th - Really?
I received a knock on my door around 8:00 in the morning. It was a Public Works worker. He asked me if I was doing concrete work and had it put in the dumpster. I said yes and he told me that the garbage truck couldn't pick up the dumpster b/c it was too heavy with concrete debris. He told me that he didn't want to report me b/c then I'd be fined a hefty fine unless I was to get the concrete out of the dumpster. REALLY? So, I said I'd get it out and dumpster dive, I did.

Wednesday 15th - Really?
I had a contractor start working on the drywall work in my house. I was very happy about this b/c I was inititally told they'd be able to start after the first of the year.

Thursday 16th - Really?
I discovered that the tarp covering our pool was now down at the bottom of the pool. Really??? Deep Breath...sigh! sigh!

Friday 17th - Really?
My cousin's visit seemed so short to me as I drove her to the airport. Wow, how the time flies when your having fun!

Saturday 18th - Really?
I went to buy 18 Ft of concrete wire for my "Naked Room" and was told I had to buy the 130 Ft. roll b/c they don't cut the wire for customers. Really? Deep Breath....just buy it, maybe I can sale the remaining roll.

Sunday 19th - Really?
No names will be's is a question that I have: "Do you think that it's okay to drop off your child at church and not give any contact info and not pick her back up when it was over knowing that I didn't have room in my car nor an extra car seat to take her back to your house?" REALLY?
UGGGHHHHH, some parents Really need to get it together and make there children a priority.

Monday 20th - Really?
I was driving the concrete mixer back to the rental place when as I turned the corner it came off of my hitch. REALLY? Thankfully my contractor was on his way to my house and stopped to help load it back onto my hitch.

Now I'm currently sitting in my recliner and trying to relax before more Really's occur.

Deeep breath, hold....and exhale.