Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tacky Christmas Sweater Party @ the Hunt's House of Fun

Saturday night was so much fun! We attended the Hunt's 2nd Annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. It's the #1 social event of the year!

I rampaged through two Salvation Army stores last week to find the tackiest sweaters and to my suprise only found one. While at the party, I brought up my suprise (about the lack of tacky sweaters) and Jennifer (who is a teacher) mentioned that the reason that so few tacky Christmas sweaters are available is because most of the Teachers are probably wearing them to school. (Makes sense :)

So the one sweater I found, luckily was big enough to fit Ryan. I found a big bright red sweater that would fit around my ever growing belly and just decorated it with various Christmas stuff.
Check out our picture close up and think about what looks odd. Keep scrolling down afterward to see the results......

In the meantime while your still thinking about the oddness of our picture, here are the fabulous Host & Hostess....Patrick & Jennifer Hunt.

The party was great!!! There was a ton of yummy food (including Jennifers homemade eggrolls - which by the way were incredible) and a cookie station for decorating tacky cookies.

Others in attendance (that we know) were the Whites....Robby, Amber & there new little Babe Zane. Little Zane was sporting a newborn hand painted tacky onesie....but I have to make a note that it was definitely way too cute to be competing for the tacky prize :)

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for......Ryan won the prize for the tackiest sweater. Here's a close up of him with his prize...a Bobblehead
Santa that you can paint yourself.
The reason that Ryan one is because.....he was......wearing .....a woman's sweater.
To his defense I am the guilty party who picked out the sweater and failed to bring it to Ryan's attention that it was indeed a woman's sweater. It was my little secret until Patrick (while in conversation on whether to play games or watch a movie)stopped in the middle of his sentence and asked Ryan if he was sporting a woman's sweater. Ryan looked at me as if I needed to answer the question & I began laughing. I had been found out. I laughed soooooooo hard my belly hurt and tears began to swell from my eyes. Poor Ryan was picked on but hey it won him the prize :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

30 Weeks Pregnant

Ryan and I had quite the busy weekend. Saturday morning we attended a birthing class that lasted from 10 - 3-ish in the afternoon. It was good but we are a bit disappointed with the fact that most of the class was spent watching videos made in the 1980's.
I absolutely enjoyed the part of the class where the instructor had all of the men practice massaging the ladies legs, feet, arms and hands. It was Blissfully wonderful!

Friday, December 14, 2007

OUR Sweet Little Tree !

Here is a picture of our Christmas tree. I was soooo excited to put it up this year because we didn't put one up last year due to moving and being out of town.

This year for Christmas, we are roadtripping to Utah. Fun fun!!! We are very excited to see everyone and to play in the snow. I've (Amanda)never been around REAL snow before so I'll probably spend the majority of my time making snowmen or snowangels while Ryan ski's til he can't ski no mo.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas is in the air!

Last night my friend Jeni, her daughter Kenzi & I went to a "Christmas Celebration" in the Galleria area, by the building that I use to work at. They had a live band playing Christmas music, carriage rides, a little train for the tykes, tons of yummy sweet goodies and of course Santa Clause.

This is actually an ice scuplture with all of the yummy goodies surrounding it.

Plastic santa clause, don't worry kids the real Santa was on the ground in a chair.

This horse was soo adoreable. He had a reindeer hat and cute ankle warmers on while pulling the carriage behind him.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I LOVE LOVE CVS Pharmacy in Pearland TX

Where should I begin? Okay, here I go.....So I started my day at Chik-fa-lae for FREE breakfast Thursdays. It was DELISH!!! Then I went to various stores to browse and kill some time. My last stop was to CVS. I parked, went inside, came out, got into the car, turned the key & nothin'. Can you imagine what just happened - Yes, I became stranded at CVS pharmacy. Of course I didn't have a cell phone on me or any body's phone number, so I went inside to use their phone. Because of my reliance on technology to think for me, the only number I had memorized was Ryan's cell phone number, which didn't help me much since it was almost 2:00 when I called and he was about to take a serious final exam. I felt myself becoming emotional thinking that I could be stranded there until after 5:00 p.m. when the manager "Connie" had overheard the message I left for Ryan and asked me if she could take a look at my car. We went outside and she brought a young man with her to evaluate the situation and to see if they could temporarily start the car, but the car wouldn't start. She then told me to come in to hang out with them inside the store. While inside I used their phone to call information to get my friend Jeni's work number. I thought that if Jeni could come by and pick me up on her way home from work it would only give me an hour and a half to two hour wait instead of over three hours waiting for Ryan to get done with his final. After I got off of the phone the manager told me that she could get an employee to run me home so that I would be more comfortable. I almost said no, but I just had to say yes - SO YES I SAID! A really sweet girl named Tamryn drove me home. I just feel so grateful and thankful to the kindness of the CVS employees for their care and generosity. I imagine that the manager took pity on me b/c I'm prego....and if so - Kudos to me for being pregnant :) !!!