Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Air Force Command Retreat to Sacramento, NM

We traveled to Sacremento, NM for an Air Force retreat this past weekend.

Went Fly Fishing, sadly with no luck. People were feeding the fish dog food earlier in the day, so we tried attaching a piece of dog food to our fly but they still didn't bite.

Keedan absolutely loved the OUTDOORS. He threw some serious fits when we were indoors and even managed to open our room door multiple times to run outside. We had to baracade the door with a chair and heavy bag.

We also played a bit of paintball. I was nervous at first, but manned up and did some divin' in the woods with a non-lethal weapon. J/K no diving but definitely some shootin'.

Ryan in sniper mode.

Ryan in running mode.

Ryan in "I got hit in the face and the paint leaked threw my helmet" mode.

On our way up the hill to eat some fabulous grub!

We were part of the Blue Team...hence the blue bandanna's .

We had a great time and enjoyed our free time away from Keedan as well as our time with him.

Good Times, Good Times :)