Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ketchup - Construction Just Before Baby

We were feeling "the crunch time" right before baby. Here are a few things that we worked on up to the arrival of our new girly bundle of joyness.

1. Living Room Steps...putting the wood flooring on them.

They aren't entirely done, but I can live with them for now.

Keedan and Ryan adhering the wood.

Keedan very excited to be working. If he holds to that throughout his life, he will be quite the achiever.

2. Cutting Baseboards.....this job seems to be never ending.

This is so not a flattering picture. I had to post it b/c Ryan picked up the camera and snapped a photo of me. Thats pretty amazing in itself ;)

3. Raising the kitchen ceiling.

My parents were down over a week and a half before baby was due and they helped us with the demo of the ugly kitchen drop down ceiling.
Check out that lovely mess. Thankfully, the plastic stayed well intact.

Keedan helping Ryan with measurements.
The rasied ceiling. Oh how sweet it is! It makes the kitchen seem so much bigger with the added height.

Once the ceiling is finished, the fabulous pictures will be posted.