Sunday, October 30, 2011

MaKenna's First Birthday :)

Our sweet little lady turned one on October 20th.

She enjoyed pumpkin cupcakes with chocolate chips.

Nummy (as Keedan says).

Crumby little lady after her cupcake.


Of course, she was not into the whole unwrapping gifts, but Keedan sure was.

It was fun to watch Keedan open her presents and then hand her, her gifts.

MaKenna loves loves this little puppy pillow/blanket. BTW her first word was "PUPPY", so this gift was just perfect for her.

Look at her happy face :)

Instantly she was giving the puppy kisses.

She was so happy!

We all were :)

What a joy it was to spend this special day with her.

More kisses.

We all had such a fun time. I can definitely wait til next year b/c I don't want her to keep growing so fast.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Diana's Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

Last week we checked out a pumpkin patch in Canon City, Co for our family date night.

Right off the bat, Keedan wanted to take home the baby pumpkins.

We went through a corn maze twice. The first time, we were in for a very short amount of time before we found an exit. The second time, however, felt like an eternity. It was dark and it seemed that we were going in circles, until finally we found an exit.

This pumpkin patch had a wide variety of punkins.

Keedan LOVED loved this slide.

He spent quite a LONG time playing on it.

Look Mom!

MaKenna wanting to crawl away from the scary scarecrow and punkins.

MaKenna's first Pumpkin Patch.

Corn loft.

LoL, MaKenna's eating raw hard corn and wearing two different socks.
Blame the parents.

Keedan making a corn angel :)

It was fun and taking home the souvenirs was nice. Two large pumpkins, two baby pumpkins and corn kernals in Keedan's britches. Fun Fun!

Can't wait til next year :)

October Fun!

We went with Sabrina, Ryan's sister and her sweet little tykes to the Rock Ledge Ranch. They had all kinds of fun stuff to do. We got there a little bit later in the day, so some of the stuff was shutdown. Regardless, we all had fun with what we got to do!

This place was really pretty.

Woohoo the straw maze. This was definitely a kid pleaser.

Keedan finding his way around the maze.

Bitty finding his way around the maze.

Paxton looking pretty & having fun in the straw maze!

Aunt Sabrina and Claire happy & looking pretty!

After the straw maze and wadering a round checking out the place, we took a hay ride pulled by these beautiful horses.

Keedan & Bitty climbing up the steps.

Mommy & Keedan excited for the hay ride.

Aunt Sabrina, Claire, Bitner & Paxton excited for the hay ride.

Searching for candy.

Silly Hat Time Fun!

After leaving the Rock Ledge, we went to Garden of the Gods. This place is Beautiful!!!

The kids really enjoyed running around and climbing rocks.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Making Elk Jerky

From Ryan's previous post, you learned that he killed an Elk. Here we are as a family making jerky. Well, really, it's Ryan and Keedan doing all the work. We ladies, are just sitting and standing pretty :) .

Ryan cutting meat from the Elk for jerky.

Keedan wanted to help so, he geared up and got onto the counter.

I have to say, he's a good assistant in the kitchen 99.9% of the time.

There, all done! Thanks Keedan for your awesome help.

P.S. - the jerky was AWESOME!

Labor Day 2011

We went camping at Grand Mesa labor day weekend. Many of Ryan's family members were able to make it. It was super cold the first two nights b/c a wonderful coldfront was passing through.

Man it was COLD and might I say miserable to sleep in when your not fully prepared for that type of weather. We had a fun time regardless of the coldness.

Keedan and his cousin's taking a break on a log they rolled over to our fire pit.

These kiddos are so cute!

The daytime was beautiful.

MaKenna & Ryan enjoying the day.

Keedan, Bittner, Aunt Sabrina, Uncle Dallen, Paxton and D'mar fishing.

Kenna and I just hanging out.

Keedan, Ryan and D'mar learning how to fish.

Walking back to camp.