Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hello Colorado Springs

We made it to Colorodo Springs at the end of July after two crazy months of work work work and a rigorous day filled with cleaning and putting some finishing touches on our house in Clovis.

Thankfully, we had a house full of people helping us or we would not have been able to leave when we did. (We were kind of in a hurry to leave b/c Ryan had to report to his new base pronto.)

When Ryan got home from his deployment (the day after Mother's Day) we took some time the following weekend to go up to Trinidad, CO. to visit his sister Sabrina and her family and to do some hiking/scouting up the mountainous regions nearby.

Keedan was all about hikng the mountain.

He made it clear that he didn't need any help.

Keedan leading the way.

Spit up all over doesn't change her happy mood.

Keedan was getting cold and Ryan...well I'm not quite sure what he was saying or singing.

Thankfully, we got back to our truck in time before it got too cold!

It snowed in the middle of May. Awesome!

The scouting was successful, although, this little fella or filly was by the roadway.

Before leaving our house in Clovis, Keedan and his friend's had the right idea of playing in the pool.

Oh how I wish I had taken the time to jump in myself!

You can't see it but those two boys are butt naked. Oh those boys....they just don't have a care in the world.

After gasing up and eating some food from Wendy's we officially left Clovis at around 9p.m. on a Friday night.

FYI - the above two pic's are our red-neck pics. We were at the gas station, eating our dinner by the pump with an almost naked child. Classic!

The trip was memorable as our ice chest (which was empty) and an umbrella stroller flew out of the trailer and onto the roadway.

We stopped in Trinidad at 2 in the morning and our car wouldn't start back up.

We got to Colorado Springs around 4/5 p.m. on Saturday and the TLF had cancelled our reservation.

We had to get a hotel and lugg all of our luggage up to our room (we got a storage room for almost everything in that trailer pictured above) just to lugg it all back down the next day b/c TLF found an opening.

As of now, we are still continuing to make memories as we await the time we can move into a home. Can't wait :)

Sweet Little Bunnies

Our friend's (from Clovis) "The Pena's" brought over some sweet little baby bunnies.

Hilda and Gilexi

(Can you tell from the picture that he's just a little bossy? )

They fascinated least at first.

He went to hold a bunny and once it was placed on his hand, he dropped the poor thing like it was the most disgusting thing in the world.

No worries, the bunny was unharmed. Thankfully, Keedan wasn't throwing a tantrum after they left b/c he wanted to play with the bunnies. I say thankfully b/c it's nice not to have to take care of an animal b/c guess who ALWAYS ends up taking care of it even if she's not the one that wanted it in the first place? You guessed it...MOM.