Monday, December 15, 2008

White Fluffy Balls are Falling From the Sky

That's right, it snowed in Houston this past Thursday. I believe we had an inch and a's not much but compared to it not snowing in this part of the country hardly ever, it's definitely something.

We took Keedan outside and once he touched the snow on the truck he clung to Ryan and didn't want to let go.

Party Harty

Our Branch Christmas Dinner was this past Saturday.

The dining area was decorated beautifully by the same sister (Sis. Vandeburg)that decorated our R.S dinner.

The men were in charge of the Meat and the ladies were in charge of Everything Else.

We didn't stay long b/c Ryan's work Christmas Party for JMP was the same night.

We ate a just enough food at the branch to satisfy our hunger pains until we got to Mia Bella's.

The dinner we had at Mia Bella's was sooooooooooo good!!! It is definitely my new favorite restaurant.

Ryan's company did there first annual "Jimpy Awards" For those of you familiar with the Office, it is similar to the Dundy Awards.

( are not imagining things...he is holding a gold spray painted barbie.)

They had categories such as Best Handwriting, Funniest Person in the Office and Messiest Work Space Area to name a few.

We had terrific time!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Zamarippa's Christmas Party

Our neighbors, Joel & Julie, had a Christmas Party on Friday night that was quite the happening place to be.

This is Julie....she is expecting a baby very soon......isn't she just a Doll?!!!

The food was DELISH & very pretty!

It was nice to get dressed up & socialize.

We played the White Elephant Game...(I think it's a game) and I got picked on twice.

Luckily, I got to leave with a nice chocolate cocoa gift set.

I had an enjoyable time and so did Keedan. He always has a Fab time when ladies are around.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunnyside Branch Relief Society Christmas Dinner

Saturday was our Relief Society Christmas Dinner.

We were all excited to sit at the beautifully decorated tables that Sister Vandeburg was in charge of.

She did an excellant job at making this night extra special for everyone.

Sister Knight & Sister Moore brightly beaming!

Sister Moore taking a cat nap & Sister Ormson brightly beaming!

Sister Derek-Grant taking it all in while quietly beaming.

One of the three beautifully decorated tables.

On the menu was: Lasagna, Salad, Bread Stix.......

a very yummy punch.......

and lets not forget about the dessert!

After dinner, yours truly read The Legend of the Candy Cane by Lori Walburg.

Wonderful musical numbers were performed by Sister Newbold (Our Stake R.S. President) and...

Sister Poll (Our Branch R.S. President).

After the musical numbers, we had an ornament exchange, musical chair style by the tune of The First Noel.

Sister Lacy's profile beaming.

We ended by singing a variety of Christmas songs together.

It was as very lovely night.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Keedan @ 9 Months

We had the opportunity this past Thursday to take Keedan to meet Santa.

I wasn't quite sure how he was going to react.

As you can see from the picture he wasn't thrilled. Maybe next year!

He did fancy all of the bright lights.

Aside from meeting Santa, Keedan has been busy eating, teething and getting dirty.

Typical boy stuff.

He has also signed with Baby GQ for the cover spot of next month's issue.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let the Lawyer Jokes Commence

Today, Ryan was sworn in by Judge O'cconor as an Attorney for the State of Texas.

Ryan opted to get sworn in along-side other co-workers from JMP here in Houston as opposed to driving to Austin.

It all took place at an almost hidden restaurant named Mia Bella's. The food was delicious and best of all it was Italian.

Thankfully, we were able to get a babysitter last minute. It was nice to socialize without my little hip hugger. On the flip side, it would have been nice to have Keedan as a distraction from some of the long winded conversations.

We are very proud of Ryan and his accomplishment and know that he will excel in all that he does!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Week Four


I am Thankful for...

We celebrated Thanksgiving at our house this year and had most of my (Amanda's) family in attendance. We had a great time catching up with each other, playing games, doing our annual family craft and eating yummy FOOD.

We just had to put Keedan in his Turkey costume one last time.

I am Thankful for...
The joy I get from cooking.
I cooked most of the day on Thanksgiving and loved it! Keedan was great, and played in the kitchen banging pot lids and plastic spoons onto the tile. It was a fun day.

I am Thankful for....
Texas weather.
It is nice to put on flip flops nearly everyday. It will be a bit of an adjustment if we end up moving somewhere that is supper cold most of the time.

I am Thankful for...
The time we've had to spend at the Sunny Side Branch.
It might be small, but there is a plenty of heart and soul.

I am Thankful for...
Ryan taking me to the Rennaissance Festival.
Ryan won some Rennaissance Festival tickets at work.
I had never been and always wanted to go and check it out (especially now since we will be moving).

We almost didn't go b/c we have so much to do around the house to get it ready for sale. Ryan being the sweet guy that he is let the work slide for a day and drove us to have a merry ole time.
We met up with our friends Kenny, Texas & Carson and proceeded to enter a land of fairytales and bad English accents.

I could not stop starring at people and either laughing or gasping. Ryan described it as being in the movie Water World (flopped movie starring Kevin Costner)

We thought it would be funny if we (me-lady's) took a picture with this man woman.
I do have to say that it was much funnier in person.

The funniest part of all (I totally missed but was told about)was when Texas went to give the man woman a tip and he bent over for her to place the money in his cleavage and she said..."I don't do that"
I think they would have had to lift me off of the ground to carry me away had I actually seen that :)

We had a memorable time.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Keedan @ 8 Months

Keedan has a fun loving personality and has a super cute giggle. He loves to give the ladies lots of smiles and vice versa(major flirter - I wonder where he gets that from?).