Monday, March 29, 2010

Vincent Van Gogh In Training

Keedan is in love with watercolors. Almost every night, he goes into the kitchen and says "Paint".

It's really cute how much he gets into his work.

We snapped a couple pics of him but didn't get his concentration pose with his tongue sticking out.

Nonetheless in some of the pics you can see his seriousness and his happiness.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Keedan's Second Birthday

Hip Hip HooRay! Keedan is now officially a 2 year old. We celebrated by having homemade pizza and a chocolate cake for Keedan. It was very low key just Keedan, Ryan, Myself & Astro. We'll probably do a fun little party for him next year.

He ended up falling asleep before we could sing him Happy Birthday so we saved the cake for the next night.

So stop thinking that I made that cake above in the picture b/c I did not (I didn't take a pic of the K's cake). I wasn't feeling up to playing with my cake decorating tools so I went the quick route and just made a two layer chocolate cake. To make it somewhat fancy I put some marshmallow creme in-between the two layers and lets just say that that decision was not the best. I think I let my sweet tooth get in the way of that decision.

It was nice to enjoy the day with him and remember his birth to appreciate the hardships he has faced. He's a very STRONG little fella and we are so grateful to have him in our family!

These extra pics are of Keedan getting BUZZED by Ryan in January. Poor little guy had a runny nose at the time. He was suprisingly calm during the entire process.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Come on, where's the updates?

Where are all the updates? We have focused our energy on other things besides blogging, hence for no updates recently. We have been pretty busy with a variety of things and unfortuneately have no pictures to show for it b/c I (Amanda) have been lazy at going to grab the camera, so here is a little bit of what's been going on.

Quick Update:
Keedan and I (Amanda) made a week long trip to Texas (via driving 12 hours each way) at the end of February. Sadly all the plans I had originally scheduled to do got rearranged and some cancelled altogether but with what we did do and the people we did get to see it was wonderful!

Keedan had a blast at his Papa & Meme's house (Amanda's Parents). There he learned how to say Kitty (mostly b/c they have a plethera of cats running around the yard....I'm not kidding, there are at least 7 little kitty's running around). The weather was fairly clear and warm so Keedan was outside 95% of the time we were there. He learned to gather rocks and throw them in the ditch one at a time. This was probably not the best thing for him to learn b/c now he wants to throw rocks into our pool at home.

I had the opportunity to go to the Houston temple during my trip and how I wish I could have gone everyday. I hadn't been to a temple since we moved to NM and it felt so wonderful to go serve and to feel the love of the Lord.

How I have missed my sweet friends (Texas, Laura, Hayley & Becca) and wish they lived here with me in Clovis, NM.
Thank you for the GREAT conversations and FUN times!

Keedan had so much fun playing with everyone during our trip and going to the Children's Museum on Thursday night for story time, a free book and lots of fun in the renovated museum. I was soooooo impressed with all of the improvements made since the last time we attended.

Next time we will definitely take pictures!